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Science – The abstraction of reality through the brain


Science – The abstraction of reality through the brain

19:06 03 August in Consciousness/Philosophy, Mind & Body, Science/Future

The human brain is a magnificent tool. It accomplishes many amazing things by breaking things into smaller pieces for them to be more easily understood. However, when we view reality through the brain there is an abstraction process that data goes through since the brain functions in that manner. Let us think about an example of that process: Scientists (pioneers of abstracting reality through the brain) try to explain to a person who has never seen an elephant, what an elephant is. They describe to him the height, color and many more visual impressions. They can also mention the biological data about the elephant and the genetics of the elephant. That is an example of an abstraction process in science.

Now, all of those descriptions come from the brain and are a product of the logical process which the brain operates on. When the person actually sees an elephant and experiences it (Vision, smell, touch etc). That experience, could never be explained by the brain. The texture of the elephant’s skin may be describes as rugged but the texture of crocodile skin and armadillo skin also fall into that category, but they are not the same experience. Every definition that we have is basically an abstraction of the phenomenon it refers to. The word, or definition, represents the experience – but it is not the experience. In the same manner for many people their brain is constantly limiting their view of reality, by identifying themselves with their brain chatter they become trapped in the abstraction that the brain constantly applies to their life experience.

The brain tried to understand reality by division, compartmentalization and definition. To break everything down to the smallest, easiest to understand pieces. However, The reality that we live in is a giant fractal. The logic may break down an object to smaller particles, but those particles may be broken down as well. This process goes to infinity, thus the brain can never truly “Get to the bottom of it”.

And luckily for everyone – there is no need. A fractal is a pattern that contains “The bigger picture” in every “part” – no matter how small. That means, if you zoom in infinitely you will still see the general pattern appear at every step. In various meditation techniques the goal is to let go of the brain chatter and to experience reality as it is, without the logical tools of analysis abstracting it. A similar event happens when people watch something like a sunset, a beautiful flower, their child or a majestic mountain.

A very good tool for detachment from the abstraction is to remember a time when you experienced the moment and bring back that feeling to your present moment, whatever it may be. The memory allows your brain to emulate the state that you were in at that particular time. Through this state then, you are experiencing reality much more directly instead through the abstractions of the brain. So as said in many forms, many times before Think less, feel more.

Written by: Saveliy Ostropolets
Contact: Saveliy.Ostropolets@gmail.com