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A Note To Myself – Poem


A Note To Myself – Poem

11:48 26 April in Consciousness/Philosophy, Creativity, Eco/Social, Mind & Body

A Note To Myself

As human beings we have a gift, an incredible ability to think,
This can lead to the creation of beauty; but also leave us on the brink.
What is its purpose? This complex process that we call “thought”,
Is it to be compassionate, caring, loving, to help others, to provide support?
From living on this planet for 22 years, something has become crystal clear to me,
That materialism doesn’t help to create a balanced and sustainable community,
Where we work in symbiosis with mother earth, where we all have a choice, a voice,
So that every species on this planet can live happily, be free, share love and rejoice.
Occasionally we have neurotic thought loops, from which we can’t escape,
But that’s ok; it’s all ok, because we have a choice to make.
Do we attach ourselves to these thoughts, or do we let them flow?
Could we accept them for what they are, or do we want facts, to know?
I want this, I don’t want that, why do we hold on, why can’t we let it go?
We just need to sit and let them be, as naturally as the wind does blow.
Life provokes us when we experience such things as sorrow, illness, or death,
We can choose to converse with ourselves about the situation, or simply watch our breath.
Personally, this introspective thought process occurs only once in a while,
Where my mind goes from loving and caring to becoming extremely harmful and vile.
I view this as a lesson in life, like my minds been taken to trial,
I can either be patient and accept things as they are, or get hooked up and feed denial.
We are constantly trying to figure out what might be, what will eventually happen,
Unaware that we’re looping around and fueling this extremely destructive pattern,
Desperately trying to cling on, to some concrete form of understanding,
We fail to see the bigger picture, that the universe, like our thoughts, is exponentially expanding,
We will do whatever it takes to feel ok, to keep behind our mask,
I know how hard it is to break free from this; Maybe its life’s greatest task.
Attachment, jealousy, stress, aggression, inadequacy, desire,
We can sit with it all or we can indulge and help to strengthen the fire.
We persist to push things to the back of our head and make a compromise,
Unaware that sooner or later they’re back again, with a strong emotional charge they arise.
I am just me, no guru, no spiritual healer, and certainly no life teacher,
I’m the same as you, we’re all the same, I am simply just a creature.
I only wish to share with you my perspective, which is highly subjective,
I believe we as humans can do better, to move forward gracefully as a collective.
I think there is one thing inside us that has always stayed the same,
Throughout our entire lives, no matter how far advanced we are in life’s game.
The soul, the source, the inner self, some say it’s all in the heart.
When we are lost in neurotic thought, that connection is completely ripped apart,
Acknowledging our triggers, meditation, acceptance, these have been my start,
So we can work together, for the greater good of humanity and make life a wondrous piece of art.
For me the path has been to lovingly and patiently accept my doubts and my fears,
And I think with this outlook humanity will work together, and synergistically create world-changing ideas.
Stop looking for some sort of resolution, and begin your loving contribution.

By A. Person
Wordspreader at Why Project