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It’s Time To Wake Up


It’s Time To Wake Up

21:37 20 May in Creativity, Mind & Body

Before you think this is another New World Order Illuminati post, it’s definitely not. The title of this article will make itself known as you read on. I would like to start by discussing common things I have heard myself say, and heard other people say throughout my life.

I’m addicted to… , I’m so stressed out… , I’m so worried about … , I want to go and travel… , I don’t have enough time… , I wish I could do better… , I wish I had more money… , I want to become successful… , I don’t know what I want to do with my life… , If only I had … , and the list goes on and on.

Can you notice a recurring theme within all of these statements? They’re all ideas or thoughts, which can be overcome in time with change. And right now is the best place to start, as everything is constantly changing.

I’m writing this article from a personal perspective, which some may find self-helpy and others may say is common sense. I have found that there are many ways in which we can start to make small initial changes in our life that lead to the bigger ones. They carry the opportunity to help us progress and live a more balanced life, to benefit not only ourselves but also others around us.

I was recently talking to a friend who is a drug user. They were telling me how this drug has made them socially anxious. When walking down the street not on the drug, they felt as if every single person was staring at them or looking at them weirdly. They also have a loss of appetite and cannot really enjoy life unless they’re on their drug of choice. They are aware that it may be the drug causing this perspective but, see no route forward as they enjoy the comfort and security that the drug gives them. They want to change this habitual use but see no way past it and have no idea where to start.

At times life seems extremely chaotic, unstable and dramatic. There’s too much to lose and too much going on. So much so that we wonder how we will ever find the time to do the things we think we want to do. We need to make a change, but the big ones just seem too much – they’re too big, too life changing and too sudden.

I agree. That’s why I’m suggesting we start on a smaller scale. I have found that the waking up process is a great place to start. If we go to sleep at the same time each night, and wake up at the same time each morning, our body enjoys the routine and knows when it needs to turn off and on. I find that when we first wake up; when our alarm clock goes off, our mind is alerted, but we often hit the snooze button and lay-in.

The bed is too warm and cosy, and it is much easier to relax in that security and satisfaction. Our everyday routines appear very similar; we like to stick to our comforts and security, leading us to take the easy option. It is during this time that we trail off into thought spirals; we don’t go back to sleep (maybe some do) but we lay in a mid-sleep state and begin to think about anything and everything our mind can conjure up. From what we will be doing today, to what we did yesterday, to what may lie ahead in the future. Maybe we are convincing ourselves we’re just taking a few minutes to get our head straight before starting our day. We then realise we have to get up, get on with it and get ourselves out of bed. Comparing this to our everyday routines it appears very similar; we like to stick to our comforts and security, usually leading us to take the easy way out.

This is the point where the article title comes in handy. “It’s time to wake up.”

Tomorrow morning, at the moment you are consciously aware that you’re laying there, say “1, 2, 3” and pull yourself up, and get out of that bed. Start your day. Get up, don’t lie in and think – get up and get your brain functioning. Your mind has awoken, it doesn’t want to go back to sleep. It’s just your thoughts and comforts that lead you to continue this comforting habitual pattern of lying in. Realise that you have the ability to overpower your mind and get yourself out of bed in the morning. This proves you have the power to overcome the clinging and grasping onto the fixed ideas you have come to find so comforting. You can prove to yourself you can make a change. This is one small step, which could eventually lead to a larger lifestyle change.

Even though this may be minor and you may think this is stupid, I think it’s a step in the right direction. I hope this information will remain in your head every morning, that niggling voice saying “Why are you still laying there, how much more of your life would you like to waste?” Once you have gotten into this routine you will feel when your body needs to sleep, and your body won’t even need an alarm clock because it will wake up on cue – ready to start the day.

I remember reading on a friend’s information feed maybe a year ago about how the brain functions on waking. It seems that the longer we lay in bed for, the longer it takes again for our brain to function properly, thus making our start to the day that little bit lazier. After a quick search online I came across an overwhelming amount of articles related to this subject, here are a few:

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There are obviously a number of steps that need to be filled in after this – what do you usually do when you wake up? Do you exercise your mind and body? Do you make breakfast? Where do you eat breakfast? Do you watch TV? Do you play games? Do you check-in with your online personality across your social media sites to see if you have any new “likes” or notifications? Are you checking your mobile?

Again, try to become aware of what you do, and make a change. You don’t exercise your mind or body? Why not take up meditation, yoga, or just do some push-ups, sit-ups and whatever else you fancy. You don’t make breakfast? Spend some time making it, I think it will taste better than the usual opening of a cardboard box and chucking some corn flakes and milk in a bowl. You eat breakfast whilst watching TV or playing games? Turn the TV and games off; enjoy the food that’s in front of you. Be conscious of what you’re putting in your body. You check-in with your social media life or mobile? This is great time you could be using to exercise your mind and body.

I have found that one of the most important steps in the morning is to exercise your mind and body. If you are able to do this before starting your day, your body and mind will not yearn for it throughout the day and you will be more aware and engaged with daily life.

Of course this isn’t just to benefit yourself, you’re showing other people change is possible. You’re changing your actions to become more conscious and more aware. With practice and time, the way you are throughout the day will benefit others, because you will be coming from a more balanced, compassionate and loving place.

By A. Person
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