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The Implications of Consciousness Research for Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy – Stan Grof

11:47 26 April in Consciousness/Philosophy, Documentary/Film, Eco/Social, Mind & Body, Psychedelics by Why Project

Stanislav Grof, MD Based on his experience from more than half a century of consciousness research, Stan will outline the radical changes that would have to be made in our understanding of consciousness and of the human psyche in health and disease to accommodate the revolutionary...

100 Short-Length Awakening Thought-Provoking Videos

11:04 26 March in Consciousness/Philosophy, Creativity, Documentary/Film, Eco/Social, Mind & Body, Politics/Economics, Psychedelics, Science/Future, Uncategorized by Why Project

The beautiful, wonderful and kind people over at Hello, I Am Awake have taken the time to put together a collection of inspirational awakening videos, montages, creative creations, visual messages, uplifters, trailers and independent short length video projects. Unplug your mind, step outside the boxes...