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What Is Why Project?


Humanity is currently in the midst of a ecological, financial, social and spiritual crisis. Why Project offers sources to evolve and expand minds worldwide, change starts within.

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Using creativity as a tool, we hope to encourage positive social change within the world we live. To move forward, toward a more harmonious paradigm, where we are key, active players of this new global society. Let our generation bring the change we wish to see. We Start from within, and hope to one day expand to a collective conscious, toward incurring a far-reaching social movement.

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Got ideas about how we can change the world for the better? Tell us about it! Help us expand our message and let it reach the hearts of our generation.

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About Why Project

Why Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to provoking thought about the world we live in.

Why Project was born out of a University Project at the beginning of 2012 and has since evolved to what you see today.

There’s so much to say but I feel this poem describes the reasons as to why this project exists.

“We all know that life is perception,

Knowledge learnt from experience and rejection,

A corrupt system that rules with complexion,

Negative situations lead to positive direction.

We’re all able to change our path of thought.

Break through the barrier and question all you were taught,

Dogmatic views lead to wars that are fought,

Propaganda teaches the public to support.

Indoctrinated to confirm and consume,

The news always broadcasting the doom and the gloom,

Materialistic lifestyles, cosmetics and perfume.

Take a reality check, inhale the psychedelic fume.

Step back from societies scripture.,

Use your own mind to create your own picture.

Forget about the life, the ego and the stigma,

Together, we can solve life’s great enigma.

For the planet and the future generations,

Communicate to others with harmonic vibrations.

The universal conscious will fuel the creation,

Sit back, relax, start with meditation,

Forget about the lies, the elites, the inflation,

Focus on the now, the current situation.

What can you do? What is your purpose?

Look inside of yourself, deep beneath the surface.

Let your heart go on its mission.

Leading to you acting with love and intuition.

Ambition will drive u down the path of transition

A new chapter in life with a new definition.”

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or get involved, everyone can do something.

Everything can change, we can do better.

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